Hawks Buck Back, Take Second of Home-Home Against Milwaukee

The Atlanta Hawks dropped the ball-literally-when they got bounced by 30 points at the hands of the Bucks, Friday at Philips Arena, in the first game of a home-and-home series.

The loss severed what was an impressive string of defeats of the Bulls, Cavs, Mavs, Rockets and Clippers, all teams poised to make a deep run in the playoffs.

The Hawks got their quasi-revenge yesterday, winning by five on the Bucks homecourt. A win is a win, right? But for the score to be considered even, all hatchets buried, a blowout of 30 or more would’ve had to taken place to get my full approval of being squashed.

Head-to-head in 2014 the Bucks are still a plus 25 with everything else considered equal.

Looking ahead to another more significant matchup is one with the visiting Cavaliers Tuesday. Lebron James will be out for blood in his quest to avenge the 29-point drubbing suffered at home against the Spurs-replica of a team. For James, just the thought should conjure up more nostalgic memories of 2007 and one not even a year removed in last year’s NBA finals. Both losses to the team that provided the blueprint to what has come to be, now, in Atlanta.

Quash the rebellion now King James while you can; you can’t win if you don’t. History is your proof.

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