UGA: Headed For Another Slow Start?

The 2014-15 NCAA basketball season is underway and remains an undercurrent to the football season that is cresting leading up to the inaugural College Football Playoff.

The season has been a disappointment for the Georgia Bulldogs football team and once Heisman-hopeful Todd Gurley now leaving the burden of hope on the basketball team, who come into the season after making strides last year, falling short of a tournament bid after a slow start. This year could be more of the same.

Head coach Mark Fox and his bulldogs opened the season losing to in-state rival Georgia Tech 80-73 for the fourth time in a row.  Needless to say the loss was a disappointment for Fox considering the excitement from hoping that a mature Bulldogs team that tied second in the SEC last year would not repeat the same old tendencies, which ultimately lead to their exclusion from the big dance.

“We played from behind all night”, said coach Mark Fox. “Give Tech credit, but I was disappointed in how we started the game.”

This has become the norm for the Bulldogs. Dig a hole, climb in, bury themselves alive only to fight later to keep the season alive in March.

“We made an effort in the second half, but it’s tough to dig that kind of a hole and fight your way out of it,” said coach Fox.


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